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Walter Chantry  A Christmas Riddle In Ezekiel 17, God gives us two riddles. To help us solve the second one, which involves the birth of Christ nearly 600 years later, God Himself gives us clues to unrave the first one 
William L. Hogan A Glory-Filled Church Like the temple that Solomon built, the church that Christ is building should be glory-filled 
Homer G. Lindsay, Jr. A God-Fearing Husband Here are seven characteristics of the man that heads a happy home 
Harry L Reeder Iii A God-Glorifying Life The life of Joseph shows us how we can live a life that affirms the glory of God 
William L. Hogan A Guaranteed Inheritance That we have obtained an inheritance in Christ should be well reflected in our changed lives
D. Stuart Briscoe A Life of Tension The coexistence of moral right's and wrong's in this world demands that believers rely constantly on the strength and wisdom of God
Thomas Smith A Life without Fears If you truly fear God, then you don't have to be afraid of anything else in your life
Gene A. Getz A Man Who Measured Up  Titus possesses some of the unique characters that make one a strong Christian leader. 
Gene A. Getz A Man Who Sought Revenge Rejected by a rich fool, even David succumbed to the sin of reacting foolishly
Walter Chantry  A Model Christian Home  Have you ever considered the human parents God chose to bring up little Jesus and the home that He wanted His Son to grow up in?
Walter Chantry  A Ransom for Many Those who preach that Jesus Christ died for all people without exception demean our Lord ís sacrifice and deny the deity of Christ.
Mark Crocco A Sense of Urgency With the night almost gone, we need to bring a spirit of urgency to our Christian lives 
Gary Hendrix A Serious Word of Warning
J. Greendyk A Treasured Legacy       The legacy given us by the Reformation of the 16th Century is sadly much forsaken today. 
Kent Hughes A Worshipping Heart Without a worshipping heart, attending church services means nothing to God 
Kim Riddlebarger An American Evangelical Problem Most evangelists in America have a difficult time accepting that man's only hope of salvation is the grace of God.  
Joel Nederhood Antidote for Fear  If you've been beset by fears, here's an effective Biblical remedy 
Mike Andrus Are the Unreached Hopelessly Lost? If no man can come to God except through Christ, how then can God hold those who have no opportunity to even hear the gospel responsible?
David Feddes Armed and Dangerous  The God of the New Testament is a God of love, but He is no less a God of wrath than He wasin the Old Testament.
Stephen A. Treash Bad Cholesterol The Bible often warns against a hardened heart. Like bad cholesterol, it can choke to death our relationship with God.
Joel Nederhood Bad Religion Can Kill You! True religion does not make people do strange and bizarre things; only bad ones do
Thomas Smith Be Afflicted and Mourn When exposed to great wickedness gradually, even Christians can become quite comfortable with it 
Arnold A. Brevick  Beware of Backsliding  Backsliding begins innocuously, but unless reversed, it brings dire consequences.
John D. Jess Beware of Bargain Christianity More and more churches now offer a kind of gospel that desensitizes their adherents toward disobedience 
Ronald Van Overloop Blessedness of the Meek When Jesus says "Blessed are the meek," He is not talking about something that is a part of our inborn personality 
Frank Pabian Blow Ye the Trumpet in Zion God promised in Amos that He would let His people know of His imminent return 
John Piper Boast Only in the Lord! The wisdom of God can be seen in the way He deals with man's love for human wisdom.
John D. Jess Can Christians Doubt? If a Christian doubts, does it mean that he is not really a born-again believer? 
James L. Higgs Can Prayer and Hatred Coexist You will probably be surprised by the answer to this question. But as a look at some of the Psalms shows, it is perfectly scriptural.
Michael Mccullough Caring for the Flock With false shepherds abound, be sure your pastor is preaching the Word of God faithfully 
Albert N. Martin Carnal Christians?? The carnal Christian doctrine, though highly popular nowadays, contradicts the fact that without holiness, no man shall see the Lord 
Tom Holt Carrot and Stick  
Hal Brunson Casting All Your Care on Him The Bible not only commands us to cast our care on Christ; it also shows us the way to doso 
John Piper Caught in Midair If you haven't shown much spiritual growth, heed these urgent instructions from God.
Joel Nederhood Celebrating Pentecost The many changes that took place in God's salvation program on Pentecost fully deserve our heartfelt celebration. 
William H. Heinrich Chicken or the Egg? What came first in salvation, regeneration or faith? The answers to both questions are obvious. 
Gene A. Getz Christian Giving The basic principle for Christian giving can be found in one short and concise verse
John D. Jess Communicating with the Dead? Did Saul really talk to the departed spirit of Samuel that was called up by a medium?
James Moore  Contentment To be content with whatever circumstances we are in is something that can be learned 
Robert M. Norris Coping with Depression If you are experiencing a case of depression, here's how the Word of God can help you
Herrmann G. Braunlin  Could God Do Any Less? No matter what trials you are going through, God will never let you down now.
David Feddes Cruel to Be Kind Behind the fierceness of Jesus' sermon in Matthew 23 lay the tenderness of His love
John D. Jess Dealing with a Changing Society How to deal with a fast-moving society without compromising the gospel 
Jesse Gistand Death in the Pot! Here is an example of how one can discover from an historical parable in the Old Testament some important aspects of the gospel
James M. Boice  Debtor to None If you're among those who expect special rewards for serving God, read Romans 11:35 carefully
Tom Holt Delight in God's Word If we build up our faith by diligently studying the Bible, perhaps God will spare us from having to learn it the hard way.
Harold E. Brunson, Jr. Despaired Even of Life There are at least five truths relating to the despair that comes into the life of many saints.
Tom Holt Devotional Hebrews 13:5
Tom Holt Devotional II Peter 3:12
Tom Holt Devotional II Peter 3:9
Tom Holt Devotional Job 29:24,25
Tom Holt Devotional John 14:21
Tom Holt Devotional John14:27
Tom Holt Devotional Luke 2:11,12
Tom Holt Devotional Philippians 4:4,5
Tom Holt Devotional Prov 3:5-6
Tom Holt Devotional Psalm 90:4
Tom Holt Devotional  1 Thessalonians. 5:3 
Tom Holt Devotional  II Corinthians 6:14 
Tom Holt Devotional   I John 2:17
Tom Holt Devotional  1John 5:6
Tom Holt Devotional  1JOHN 5:6
Tom Holt Devotional  2 thes 2:11-12
Tom Holt Devotional  Deuteronomy 9:6
Tom Holt Devotional  Ephesians 1:4,5
Tom Holt Devotional  Ephesians 1:7,8
Tom Holt Devotional  Ezekiel33:8
Tom Holt Devotional  Ezra8:22
Tom Holt Devotional  Hab.2:3
Tom Holt Devotional  Hebrews 5:1,4 
Tom Holt Devotional  I Corinthians 1:20
Tom Holt Devotional  I Corinthians 2:9
Tom Holt Devotional  I Peter 3:11,12
Tom Holt Devotional  I Timothy 3:16,17
Tom Holt Devotional  I Timothy 4:16
Tom Holt Devotional  James 3:13
Tom Holt Devotional  John 16:13
Tom Holt Devotional  John 18:37
Tom Holt Devotional  John 2:1,2
Tom Holt Devotional  Joshua 1:8
Tom Holt Devotional  Lamentations 3:37,38
Tom Holt Devotional  Mark 9:24
Tom Holt Devotional  Matthew 24:14
Tom Holt Devotional  Philippians 4:19
Tom Holt Devotional  Proverbs 25:2
Tom Holt Devotional  Rev. 20:12
Tom Holt Devotional  Revelation 22:18,19
Tom Holt Devotional  Romans 12:2
Tom Holt Devotional  Romans 14:14
Tom Holt Devotional  Romans 5:5
Tom Holt Devotional  Thessalonians 5:17,18
Arthur W. Pink Divine Inspiration of the Bible That the Bible is indeed the divine word of God is attested to by, among other things, the unmistakable honesty of the writers. 
Joel Nederhood Divineand Human Suffering In the Book of Hebrews, God has given us some penetrating insights into how deeply Christ is involved in our suffering 
Jerry Sheveland Does God Have a Plan for Me ? Within His master plan, God has a loving and personal plan for the life of every believer 
Russelll M. Elder Does God Want Me Well? If it is God's will that every sick person be healed, as some gospels claim, then Christ's death on the cross was a big failure
Bruce N. Cameron Dumber Than A Donkey Quite often, we act much like Balaam, who could not see what his donkey saw.
James M. Boice  Dying, We Live The principle of sacrifice is so foundational to the Christian life that we must understand it well.
Tom Holt Evidence of Salvation Here are four guidelines by which you can check to see if you have truly become saved 
Martin R. Crain Experiencing the Fullness of God From Paul's prayerf or the Ephesians, we can learn what being more like Christ involves.
Joseph Sahl Exulting in Tribulation To be able to exult in difficult times is not something we have to strive for. It is a reality in the life of the believer
Roger Wagner Facing the Uncertain Future To be able to face the dangers that may hit us in this life, we need to realize how horrendous the future that is certain to come will be 
Tom Holt Faith That Pleases God To truly enjoy the peace and joy of the Lord, we need to have the right kind of faith
Steve Treash Family Values From a bitter tragedy that came into David's life, we can learn some of the important family values that God has laid down for us 
Tom Holt Farewell Instructions As lay Christians, how are we supposed to make disciples of all nations and to baptize them in the name of the Triune God?
James M. Boice  Finding Jesus in Bad Times In your search for God, many obstacles are bound to arise. But like the wise men of old, seek and ye shall find 
Tom Holt Flee to the Mountains If the congregation you attend has become an abomination of desolation that Jesus warns of in Matthew 24, then it's time for you to leave it. 
Ferrell Griswold For Whom Did Christ Die? Those who teach that Christ died for everyone are belittling the Lord's sacrifice at the cross 
Walter Chantry  Free Will Myths  Those who believe in "free will" don't really have any idea what that term means
Charles W. James From Religion to Salvation  The conversion of Cornelius demonstrates that God orchestrates events to save His elect.
Charles W. James God Always Prepares When God wants to save an individual, He typically follows a three-step strategy.
Gene A. Getz God Glorifying Marriages Since all Christians are told to love and submit to one another, why are husbands specifically commanded to love their wives; and wives, to submit to their husbands? 
William H. Heinrich God's Sovereign Purposes Our human minds may not fully comprehend the sovereignty of God, but we must accept it without question 
John D. Jess Growing through Pains For the children of God, there simply are no short-cuts to spiritual maturity
Gordon Dills Guilty of Spiritual Pride? Our sinful nature sometimes fool us into thinking how righteous we are. It uses our pride to get the best of us.
David Feddes Healing Broken Hearts Knowing how God heals the broken heart helps us better experience that divine comfort. 
Duane Spencer Here I Stand! To truly enjoy the peace and joy of the Lord, we need to have the right kind of faith
George Kenworthy How Do You View God? The last recorded prayer of David reveals how he viewed God and why he wanted to give so much back to God.
Thomas Golda How I Also Arrived at 1994  A young Christian concluded back in 1988 that Christ would return this year 
Alex Stevenson How Shall We Feed Them? How can we possibly feed all people that are both spiritually and physically hungry?
Tom Holt How to Avoid Deceiving Ourselves How horribly tragic it will be on Judgment Day for those who have considered themselves to be Christians but are in fact not
Robert A. Cook How to Overcome Inertia Many of us have trouble starting and then completing what we want to do for the Lord, but we can overcome that.
David A. Denyer How to Respond to the Call of God Might God be calling you to serve Him in a special ministry? If so, here are some mistakes you want to avoid in your response.
Don Fortner I Am Alpha and Omega! The Lord Jesus Christ is Alpha and Omega, or the first and the last, in at least seven important aspects 
Alan B. Christensen Imitating Christ There is no better challenge in life than for us to show forth in our humanity the likeness of the Living God.
Donald Hubbard In the Fulness of Time Among other things, the first coming of Christ was a long-prepared event. God's salvation program follows a precise timetable 
Kent Hughes In the Storms of Life From an historical parable, we can glean wisdom for navigating through life's uncertain seas. 
James W. Crawford In Whom Can We Ultimately Trust? Even when all hell breaks loose in our life, we can trust Jesus the Way, the Truth, the Life.
Tom Holt Indictments of Today's Church It's amazing how today's Christendom befits the apostasy God describes in Malachi
Alan B. Christensen Insidious Idolatry Many people who believe there is a God are in fact engaging in idolatry 
James Beddows Is Your Ministry Approved by God? Every believer is called to serve God, but among other things, he must do it God's way 
Woodrow Kroll Isaiah's Visions When Isaiah saw a vision of God, he saw also visions of himself and of his calling.
Cornelis Pronk Jeremiah, Don't Pray! When a nation persists in its wickedness, God is likely to finally say, "Enough is enough."
Harold Elliot Brunson, Jr.  Jesus Wept Why did Jesus weep just when He was about to raise up Lazarus? 
Hans Overduin Jesus's Hands From time to time, we ought to think of the gospel with Jesus' hands tied and crucified.  
W. A. Criswell  Life Abounding Drinking the living water changes our life of sorrow into an abounding one 
Roger Kok My Redeemer Lives What enabled Job to make that profound statement of faith at a time when he was so frustrated that he even despised his life?
Tom Holt Mysteries of the Kingdom Through His parables, Jesus teaches us how to behave in the church in these end-time days.
Ray C. Stedman O Come Immanuel Hidden even in the way God told Isaiah to prophesy Christ's virgin birth was the promise of His washing away our sins 
Paul Bubna Obedience in Deeds To be a truly obedient child of God, we need to be committed in at least three areas.
Tom Holt Once Saved, Always Saved A child of God can never lose his salvation because God is faithful in enabling him to endure.
Gene A. Getz Oneness in Christ Although God is no respecter of persons, most of us have at times been guilty of prejudice and don't even know it.
Joseph Brown Only the Truth Can Set You Free With all kinds of false doctrines being taught, it behooves us to obey the Word of God
Cornelis Pronk Our Source of Strength God gave Joshua the divine key to success just before the Israelites entered the promised land 
Gabriel Otero Our Two Resurrections Do you know that our salvation involves two separate resurrections? 
Mark Crocco Overcoming Anxiety Prayer is far more effective in overcoming anxiety than most Christians realize 
Thomas Smith Overcoming Worldliness God warns that anyone who loves the world or anything in the world does not have the love of the Father. Yet, many churchgoers keep doing so 
Alan B. Christensen Paths of  Righteousness Knowing that Jesus guides you personally in paths of righteousness is the secret to having inner peace 
Theodore H. Epp Portraits of Christ In the tabernacle that God instructed Moses to build are many pictures of Christ.
Herrmann G. Braunlin Praying with the Right Attitude When we pray, we should respond to the very nature of the God to whom we pray
John Gerstner Predestination .In not choosing all people to become saved, isn't God unfairly and illegally discriminating? 
Bryan Wheeler  Pursuit of Christian Excellence  At least three essential elements of it are exemplified in the life of the Apostle Paul. 
Ray C. Stedman Putting on the New Believers should behave uniquely as individuals, and as members of the church and society 
Kent Sparks Rejoicing in God God commands us to rejoice in Him because there are many compelling reasons for us to do so.
Paul Bubna Remembering God's Goodness If you take timeout to recall how God has blessed you in the past, you'll soon find yourself having a grateful heart. 
Stanley Allaby Remembering with Great Joy Partaking of the Lord's Table in a worthy manner means more than having a gloomy mood anda heavy heart 
Joel Nederhood Romantic Marriage Even in a marriage that has lasted many decades, true romance can be very much present 
D. Stuart Briscoe Salt of the Earth Given an exhilarating calling, true believers can never settle down to a mundane existence 
Leon F. Wardell Seeing the Bigger Picture If we cannot seethe spiritual forest for the trees, we will not be able to see the power of God. 
Gabriel Otero  Sharing the Gospel God's Way From a historical event recorded in Genesis 24, we can glean much insight into evangelism, God's style 
Robert M. Norris Show Us Thy Glory We cannot really worship God in truth and in spirit until we have beheld His glory.
James W. Crawford So, What's in This For Me? To be called by Christ to serve Him is a privilege only believers can enjoy.
Pierre C. Lemaster Testimony of a Confessed Deceiver How God enlightened a former charismatic, tongue-speaking enthusiast to see the truth 
Ronald Van Overloop The Aaronitic Blessing You have no doubt heard this benediction many, many times. But do you really know its full significance? 
Walter Chantry The Approaching King  Psalm 45 shows us how we are to view the Lord Jesus as He comes to take us believers to be His bride in the heavenly wedding. 
Kent Sparks The Assurance of God's Love We need not be discouraged if we don't seem to feel God's love as others do 
Ferrell Griswold The Authority Given to Christ Why was it necessary for Christ, who is Eternal God Himself, to receive new authority after He had gone to the cross? 
Herman C. Hanko The Bible Under Attack The Word of God is greatly undermined of late by those who surreptitiously suggest that it is both a divine and a human production.
Joel Nederhood The Church of the Spirit of Truth The bickering among ministries that has tarnished Christianity can be biblically avoided 
Michael Phillips The Consolation of Israel Simeon hailed Baby Jesus as the long-awaited consolation. What does that mean?
Ferrell Griswold The Conversion That Wasn't In II Kings 17, we read about a people that "feared the Lord, and served their own gods". Four reasons are given for that paradox 
Cornelis Pronk The Faith of Noah Noah had a living faith that is manifested in love and obedience 
James Beddows The Fallacy of Felt-Needs Ministry Spiritually discerning believers need to watch out for the man-centered ministry that has been spreading rapidly in the Christian world 
D. James Kennedy The Family For God Joshua is a great example of a man who heads a family that is totally submitted to God 
Mark Wright The Father's Work of Drawing It is not what man pleases, but what God pleases that determines whether or not any given sinner will come to Christ. 
David Feddes The Fearless Prophet The more faithfully we proclaim the Word of God, the more we can expect to be persecuted 
Kenneth M. Meyer  The Four-Way Look To live victoriously in this wicked world, we have to look within, ahead, up and around. 
Kevin Landis The Fruit of the Vine Since the Father cuts off every branch in Christ that does not bear fruit, we need to make sure that we are indeed fruit-bearing branches 
Alan B. Christensen The Glory of God With our salvation soon to be completed, we need to understand why has God saved us 
Arthur W. Pink The Godhood of God
Herrmann G. Braunlin The Good Life Not everyone who has a long life enjoys a good old age 
DuaneS pencer The Good Shepherd vs. the Hirelings Jesus has a prophetic Old Testament passage in mind when He describes Himself as the Good Shepherd.
Tom Holt The Gospel in Proverbs 30 God has hidden in five groups of four things various aspects of His salvation program
Alan B. Christensen The Great Promise Keeper That Jesus is the promised Messiah of the Old Testament is bound up in so many identifying details that no other rational conclusion can be reached
Tom Holt The Great Tribulation The abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet can now be clearly seen.
Harold E. Brunson, Ii The Light in the Night All kinds of darkness befall mankind, but in every night the light of Christ shines forth
Thomas Smith The Light of the World As the light of the world, we all have a certain sphere of influence in this world. That isan awesome responsibility.
Art Azurdia The Love with Which He Loved Us John 3:16 is a verse virtually every believer knows by heart. But though preached very frequently, it is seldom explained
Ken D. Trivette The Man of Infamy There are several names that have gone down in infamy, but this one is the worst by far.
Stuart Briscoe The Mark of a Disciple Here are some scriptural guidelines by which you can see if you are coming across as a disciple of Christ 
Ferrell Griswold  The Mercy of God One of the great attributes of God, mercy is inseparable from His goodness. 
David Hall The Omniscience of God Presumably we all know that God is omniscient, but have we been enjoying the blessings flowing from that truth?  
Kent Sparks The Only Sure Foundation Here are five reasons why a successful life can be built only upon the Word of God 
Kent Sparks The Only Sure Foundation Here's why the word of God is the only solid foundation upon which to build our lives. 
Ferrell Griswold The Peacemakers A desire for peace with God and men is the mark of the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit. 
Paul Bubna The Poverty of Possessions! Are you aware that the majority of parables told by Jesus speak directly to the matter of stewardship?
Kent Hughes The Real Lord's Prayer The prayer that the Lord offered up on the eve of His crucifixion gives us a good example of how we should pray to God.
Tom Holt The Reality of Hell  The Bible speaks a great deal about hell, but all in figures of speech. Here's what they imply
Steven Key  The Rod and Reproof  Contrary to today's liberal thinking, every child needs to be disciplined for his own good
H. E. Brunson, Ii The Secret of the Lord God reveals certain truths only to believers, and He does so in many different ways.
Joseph Brown The Specialties of Saved People What specifically are saved people saved from? And in what respect are they different from the unsaved?
WilliamL. Hogan  The Spoils of Victory  Every spiritual gift we have has its genesis in Christ's victory at the Cross
Forrest L. Keener The Sunday Morning Circus There is literally an eternity's difference between salvation and the modern "profession racket" in Christendom. 
Tom Holt The Vineyard that God Abandoned  When the end-time church falls away, as it has of late, God doesn't just stand idly by; He helps to bring about its demise.
Michael Gaydosh The Wake-Up Call In James 2, God gives a special wake-up call to those who claim that they have faith 
Cornelis Pronk  The Wisdom of God  Sending forth the gospel does not need special eloquence. What's important is faithfulness
tom Holt The Worship that God Despises  Many churches have been enjoying incredible growth of late. But whether their worship is acceptable to God is another matter. 
Kent Hughes The Wrath of Jesus Jesus cursed the fruitless fig tree in order to teach an important spiritual lesson 
Ferrell Griswold They Who Mourn Before we can fully experience the comfort of God, we first need to know what true mourning is and what we are to mourn over.
D. James Kennedy To Live is Christ What do you suppose Paul meant when he said, "For me to live is Christ"? 
Paul Ravenhill To See As I Have Seen We can learn much bout God in the Bible, but we also need to personally experience Him
James M. Boice  Total Depravity  The doctrine of total depravity is hard for the human race to accept, for one result of our being sinners is that we treat sin lightly.
William H. Heinrich Total Divine Grace Unless we understand it well, we can never fully appreciate the love and mercy of God.
William H. Heinrich Total Human Depravity We cannot fully appreciate the grace of God unless we understand the total depravity of man 
D. James Kennedy Touching Sacrifice If you are called upon to make a great sacrifice, don't forget that God will provide.
Kent Hughes Toward Spiritual Understanding We cannot really see the riches of the scripture without learning its spiritual meaning 
Ferrell Griswold Trials Come, but Will Be Overcome Into the life of every Christian some trials must come. But God assures us that He will help see us through them all victoriously.
James M. Boice  True Christians Are you a true believer? That's a question we all ought to face up to squarely 
Woodrow Kroll Trusting God with Our Fears The Bible is rich with examples showing why we can turn all our fears over to God
David A. Denyer Turning Trials into Triumphs When James tells us to consider it pure joy whenever we face trials of many kinds, he isnot telling us to do anything impossible.
James M. Boice  Understanding the Times Do you understand the times in which we live? If not, why not? If you do, what are you doing about it?
Kevin Landis Unrestrained Love The poignant example in John 12 of a believer's total love for Christ is a challenge to all of us 
Herrmann G. Braunlin Unselfish Prayer To be Christ-like, we should be able to see beyond our own limited circle when we pray 
Herrmann G. Braunlin Virtuous Woman Even as a virtuous wife is a crown to her husband, a virtuous believer is a crown to Christ 
Richard Mayhue Waiting for God If you should feel that God has forgotten you when you need Him most, this message should help you see things more clearly 
Steven L. Childers  Waiting on God Waiting for God to bring us relief is much easier once we know how to do it His way.
Tom Holt Watchful  for What? Have you ever wondered why Jesus told only three of His disciples to watch at Gethsemane, and why only one hour? 
James Montgomery Boice What Being Ashamed Is All About The Bible's definitions of "shame" are quite different from those of the English Dictionary 
Donald S. Ewing What If You Catch What You're Chasing? All too often, what we go after turns out to be bad for us. As we live out our lives, therefore, we had better keep Galatians 6:8 in mind.
Albert N. Martin What Is A Biblical Christian? This is a question we cannot take lightly. A wrong assumption will be eternally tragic 
David Feddes What's Right with the Government? Do you find it hard to swallow the Biblical truth that even our President and Congress are established by God?
John Piper  When Is Repentance Impossible?  In Hebrews 6, God describes a group of people who enjoyed much blessing from God but end up hopelessly unsaved. Don't be one of them.
James Beddows Who Is This Jesus? We talk much about Jesus, but do we really have a good understanding of who He is? 
James M. Sharp Who Is Your Master? Like it or not, if Christ is not your master, then you are a slave to Satan and sin 
Matt Perman Why Do Anything? 
Donald S. Ewing Why Do Bad Things Happen? Knowing why God lets bad things happen better enables us to live victoriously. 
Joseph M. Stowell Why Do the Wicked Prosper? Why do unsaved people seem to undergo less trials than we Christians do? 
Richard L. Strauss Why Get Pushed Around Satan and the world like to push us around, but we don't have to let them 
Tom Holt Why God Judged Israel The reasons God Himself gives for His having judged Israel are lessons the New Testament church ought to learn.  
Ray C. Stedman Why Look for Anything Else? The Bible says believers have been given the fullness of God in Christ. What does that mean to you? 
Tom Holt Why the Different Offerings Understanding the spiritual meaning of the various Old Testament offerings helps us better appreciate our beloved Savior.
Tom Holt Wide Doors Opened to FR After 40 years of faithful service, FR is suddenly being used by God in a mind-boggling way.
Leon F. Wardell Will God Be Entreated? Could it be that our disregard for God becomes so vagrant that God will finally delive rthis nation into the hands of the wicked?
Randy L. Steele Winning the Spiritual War The spiritual warfare that believers must engage in can be difficult. But the scripture gives us solid reasons why we can expect to win it.
Joel Nederhood Women and the Bible The feminist theology of late has brought devastating changes to the church 
Geoffrey Thomas  Women Preachers Forbidden  The command against women teaching men has nothing to do with the culture of the time.
Robert M. Norris Worship as Returning to God  True worship happens only when many of its key elements are found in our heart 
John Gerstner Wrath of God Many like to think that there is no such place as hell, but the Bible says hell is very real 
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