"...Taking pictures at YouShine was always something that I wanted to do. I had heard of its uniqueness (the digital photography), seen what Mr. Yim could do, and was extremely impressed. In past sessions, with other photographers I desired only to be captured with a genuine smile, through Mr. Yim's style of photography, he was able to make me smile from heart and truly captured me. he made me feel at home and enjoy taking pictures. My friends, family and I were extremely impressed. I would definitely love to take pictures there again..."

"I got the pictures today... and WOW they turned out really nice...

 --Jasmine Siu          


"... one day while strolling past the store. I was struck with the artistry and beauty of the photographs, and went inside. There I was warmly greeted by Mr. Yim and his wife. I made an appointment for the following week.

Little did I know what adventures were in store for us!! My daughter had her Senior pictures taken there and what a great time we had! It was a fun photo session with many changes of costume, poses and laughter. It was truly exciting! Mr. Yim was patient and creative. It was fun to see the images almost immediately after he clicked the shutter!

The only difficult part was deciding which of the exciting photos to choose, because we liked them all! The photos were immediately displayed for us and we chose our very favorites. Then Mr. Yim began getting creative, adding background touches, shaping the format of the photo, adding signatures and year-dates and even multiple images of our favorite poses! It was great fun. We walked away that very day with wonderful photographs that we were extremely pleased with, and can't wait to do it again!

We most definitely recommend the YOUSHINE photo studio to our friends!" 

-- Linda Rudiak          


"... At YouShine, I was pleasantly surprised to be introduced to a new alternative. I was delighted by the fact that one was able to view, delete and retake poses all throughout that same session, instead of waiting a week or more for the pictures to develop. I also loved the versatility of the photographer's skills...

Mr. Yim could digitally take out factors I didn't want in my picture, transform the background, or even add objects; the restrictions were only as close as the limits of imagination. With this method of continually changing and refining shots, I was promised a final package I was guaranteed to love. My experience at YouShine was totally unique to any other photographer's and I would highly recommend its services to anyone."

 -- Virginia Louie          


" I had so much fun during my photo session. It was not like all the other places that I have gone to. I really liked the way that my portraits came out. The images were so natural. I will definitely be returning to YouShine Portraits in the future. Thank you!"

-- Shantia Daniel          


"...We did receive a really good value...Mr. Yim was very flexible with his time and allowed us to customize what type of picture to pick...

Mr. Yim was spontaneous with our personality..."

-- Matthew Chin