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Just as the incoming tides wipe away the footprints we make in sand, ever passing time erases our memories. To preserve precious moments, artists of old captured fleeting images from life in various forms such as raw scratches, paintings on stone or canvases, and even sculptures of stone and metal.   

Portrait photographers do the same today, digitally capturing images from your lives and preserving them in print as well as file.   YouShine photography goes a step further by making digitally captured images SHINE above the rest.  We are committed to providing you with images that you will cherish for a long time. We believe these images are the best investments that you will ever make. Take a moment or two away from your busy schedules to give us the chance to capture your image on canvas or print paper for your lifetime enjoyment as well as for posterity.  

Call us at 510-583-1131 or e-mail to make your appointment.

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